Thrive! Guided Math Helps Students to Thrive!

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To thrive, thriven, thriving, thriver and throved…

meaning = (1) to grow vigorously (2) to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances (Merriam-Webster,2010)

Guided math provides students an opportunity to thrive, to grow vigorously toward their mathematical goals (despite their particular circumstances and because of the particularized learning structure).  A small group setting allows teachers to go deep…to really get at the misconceptions, misunderstandings and error patterns.  It allows students to engage in mathematical conversations that illuminate their thinking outloud.  This type of public thinking in a small group helps students to grow as mathematicians. They can ask questions, take risks, talk about difficulties in ways that they aren’t comfortable doing and often are impossible in a whole group setting.  Guided math provides a space to gain conceptual  understanding through hands-on activities and pictorial representations.  It provides a space to practice procedural fluency, make mistakes and talk about them. It provides space to engage in intense problem solving outloud, with partners, in a small guided group so the teacher can scaffold the thinking.   In small guided math groups students become thrivers.  Thrivers are thriven. Thriving builds confidence.  And most importantly,  students who have thriven in small groups are more likely to go back to centers and independent work believing in themselves and their mathematical skills.

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4 Responses to “Thrive! Guided Math Helps Students to Thrive!”

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Hmmm … guided math …

Ok .. I like the idea of students talking outloud …and thinking outloud …about math … and if you add accountable talk to it, then students can not only think about their thinking … they can think about other’s thinking — and when students start to question each other’s thinking – light bulbs go on! Would that be “throve”?

Yes, talking gets at thriving!

And if students talk about it and build their mathematical notions they will pass this on to others, such as parents, other teachers, and want to stay for more math-related extra-curriculars. like Mathcounts, etc. Also I like when kids talk and realize their thinking is right on and they start talking like a math expert. Kids thrive and grow as thinkers – then grow and thrive as mathematicians. Isn’t that what the outcome should be??

Absolutely! What do you think of Animotos as discussion starters?

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