Math And The Linguistic Intelligence

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Linguistic Intelligence –  These are the students who get it through words.  They like to hear it told to them.  They understand through verbal explanations. Teaching with picture books and through songs, poems and chants helps them to learn.  Also telling stories about the math and talking it through grabs and keeps their attention. In small group lessons you will be explaining and listening to these students “talk it out.”  Here is a sample math workshop addressing the needs of the linguistic learners:

Mini-Lesson:  Starts with a story, song, poem, chant; Math Think Alouds where the teacher makes the thinking process transparent;

Guided Math Group:  Math think alouds; Sharing around the table; Each person explaining what they are doing; these students live for the individual math conferences because they get to talk about what they are doing and talk out their goals and talk out their challenges….

Math Centers: Provide opportunities for students to share their math with each other as they are learning

Share:  There is an opportunity for these students to come up and share their thinking with the class. Play microphones (either the echo ones or the toy ones with a battery amp really engage these learners…they will come up and talk forever about the math)…


see the booklist in this blog

see conference protocols in this blog


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2 Responses to “Math And The Linguistic Intelligence”

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One of my summer reading books was Guided Math by Laney Sammons. Using this bridge with reading is something teachers know how to do. And Think Math! (one of the math programs we are using with our curriculum) also encourages Math Talk which can be based upon literature or a particular concept. We let the kids listen on tape, why not let them listen to themselves on a microphone when talking about math. Also, Sammons does discuss the multiple ways children learn math in her book. This idea for a minilesson and small group focus seems like it should be going on in every K-5 classroom. (yes even 5th graders like to hear themselves talk)

This was helpful in getting me to see beyond the importance of multiple intelligences in the ELA. I have thought of mathematics as being associate with Logical Intelligence and therefore not important when thinking about Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences in regards to students’ learning styles. Now I understand that just because it is math there are various ways to approach teaching math and the varied intelligence styles are still relevant.

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