Blackline Math Masters Galore: Great Guided Math Templates

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Here are some great websites with templates to use in guided math groups.  Browse these pages for a variety of things from place value grid paper to woozle cards. 


Featured link: Woozle cards (great for having students sort into attributes and justify their reasoning).


Featured link: More or less cards  (Have the students pull a card with a number and then pull a more or less card and follow the instructions.  This builds flexibility with adding and subtracting. Also the addition and subtraction recording blanks are a great visual for noting place value).


Featured links: More, Less, The Same Pictures  ( Have two students roll the dice and build towers and then choose which card matches their scenario) and Two sided Number Bean Station Records (These are great for having students toss two-colored beans to find the equivalent names of numbers: just spray paint some beans if you don’t have the lakeshore or eai (great online teacher store) version); Names Numbered Squared (One game I play with these is t0 have the students pull a  card and get a starter number…and then place it somewhere on the blank grid and build in a 100 grid from there.  This builds great flexibility with adding and subtracting 1 and 10). Also the Unifix number station templates are great for having students build number towers or to find all the equivalent names of numbers.


Featured links:  Add and Subtract cards: Builds flexibility with adding and subtracting (1. Have students pull a number card.  2.  Have students pull an add or subtract card.  3.  Have students roll a number and then add or subtract that number from original number.)  Also look at the number match cards (dominos, numerals and tallies).  Be sure to see the extensive number charts going up to 999!


Featured Links: The Adding 9 and 8 cards – an absolute must for building conceptual understanding through pictorial representation. 


Summer Blackline Masters by Grade from Ceres Unified:

(You just have to browse through but their are some interesting templates;)

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