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Calendar Math and Guided Math Groups

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Calendar Math is really important.  Calendar Math can help to reinforce those everyday skills that students need to work on throughout the year.  You can do calendar math in a whole group and differentiate the instruction by having the students to have individual calendar folders where they do varying levels of work. I would also look at these folders with students during individual conferences sometimes, just to do a check in about their understandings.  You most certainly could pull small groups every so often to do some calendar binder work with them.   Here are four featured sites with calendar math ideas.

1.  J Meacham has some wonderful ideas.  See  Be sure to look at the individual binder examples because she has posted the templates in both word and pdf documents  In terms of differentiation, I give some children 2 or 3 pages in their binder whereas I give other students 4 or 5 pages, depending on their readiness level.  Be sure to label all the parts of any graphs you do.

2.  Scholastic has a great ideas page  One of the best ideas is to visit and to click on the number of the calendar day and you get tons of information about that number.  Very cool!

3.  Math Their Way has terrific calendar ideas  Again remember to be clear and precise about the different types of graphs you are doing.  If it is a pictograph, be sure to have a symbol.  Often times we graph the object such as a dog, cat, or bird. But on most state exams, the pictograph has one symbol that the students use for all the votes, for example a smiley face.  Furthermore, on the bar graph remember to label both axes, not just the categories and the numbers.  You have to give the categories and the numbers names such as Types of Pets and Number of Votes.  Also be sure to put titles on your graphs.  Then have the students make noticings about the graphs and put those on bubbles around the graphs.  This is a great way to reinforce vocabulary.

4.Incredible stuff here at Mathwire  This morning routines page has great pictures .  Be sure to look at the coins for the date display because this will reinforce money concepts.  I always have the students draw two ways to make the money in their journal starting at the middle of first grade. 

Other Resources:

GREAT Smartboard Activity:

Great Commercial Program I’ve seen used quite effectively in some schools:

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