Skip Counting Centers: Multiple Intelligences in Action

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Children should practice skip counting in a variety of ways.  Here are some center ideas based on Gardner’s (1983;1993) theory of Multiple Intelligences.

1. Linguistic– Make a book center where they  read and write skip counting stories.

2. Logical Mathematical– (NCTM Story) (Skip counting cards); Also  filling in number lines and number grids  on sheets or at the computer and dot to dots:

3. Visual/Spatial– Number Collages/ Dot Paint

Several Powerpoints:

4. Musical– Chants and Song- Skip Counting Song

5.  Interpersonal activities: Have students play skip counting games in partners or groups.

A. Skip counting card shuffle

B. Skip counting chart color in pages

C. Computer skip counting games (listed above and here)

6. Intrapersonal activities

Be sure to give your students the opportunity to practice these activities by themselves.

7. Bodily-Kinesthetic Activities:

A.  Centers where they build the skip counting sequence with bears and snap cubes. One center I use is toothpicks for skip counting by tallies.  I read the book Tally O’Malley and then I have the students roll or pull a number and then show that number with toothpicks.  In the whole group we make a human tally by generating a number and then having the students come up and stand in a row, with each 5th student making a diagonal with their arms across the other 4.  I differentiate the number generators by readiness levels.  I also do this same center by having the students roll and draw out the tallies.  We go from concrete to pictorial to abstract.  The abstract is where they are actually naming the number.

B.  I  put out counting bags with instructions.

Task Card: The lollipop factory is bagging candies.  Here is the box of candies.  Put 5 in each bag and then skip count to find out how many bags of lollipops they can make from this box.  I also give the students bags of toothpicks and say tell me how many are in this bag but skip count it out by making bundles of ten.  I differentiate the amount that is in each bag.

C.  I put out playdoh and tell the children they are in a bakery.  They can make cakes or cookies and then skip count how many “raisons” or “beans” or “candles” are on top of each item.

8.  Naturalistic

This center is a chance where students get to look around the room and in magazines and books for things to practice skip counting.  I also have the students counting nickels and dimes in this center because it is part of our everyday environment.  They use the number grid as an abstract scaffold for this activity.

Gardner, Howard (1983; 1993) Frames of Mind: The theory of multiple intelligences, New York: Basic Books. The second edition was published in Britain by Fontana Press.

Great Multiple Intelligence Resources:


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