Teaching odd and even numbers in guided math groups

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It is really important when we are teaching odd and even numbers that we spend some time developing the concept.  Oftentimes we teach it as this abstract concept when students must have multiple opportunities to build their knowledge base.  Here are a few ideas of how to do that in guided math groups.

Conceptual Level

I use this template to have students build conceptual understanding about odd and even numbers odd-or-eventtemplate1.

Step 1: Roll dice and record number.  Step 2:  Build a picture with mosiacs, toothpicks, stickers or some other type of manipulative.  Step 3: Group in twos and decide if it is odd or even.  

Pictorial And Abstract Level

After students have explored odd and even numbers, next I want them to have more opportunities using drawing as a way to prove whether a number is odd or even and then opportunities to explain their reasoning.  I use this template Odd or Eventtemplate2final.

Step 1: Roll dice and record number.  Step 2:  Build a picture.  Step 3: Group and decide if it is odd or even.  Step 4: Explain why.

Abstract Level

Here is a traditional way that students practice odd and even numbers. They color them on the number grid.  However, remember this is an abstract way to practice identifying the actual numerals.  Students need to understand the concept first:) Circle all the odd numbers in blue

Adding Odd and Even Numbers

After students understand what odd and even numbers are, the next step is to teach the properties of adding odd and even numbers.  Again this should be done through experiences that build understanding.  Students should be allowed the opportunity to explore the concept by actually adding odd and even numbers and thinking about the results.   Here is a template that helps them to do that Odd or Eventemplate3final

Great Websites with Games and Activity Sheets







Some great books to use when teaching about odd and even numbers:



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