Coordinate graphing in Guided Math Groups

Posted on August 3, 2010. Filed under: Graphic Organizers, Guided math, Math Centers, Math Picture Books, virtual manipulatives |

When I am introducing Coordinate Graphing, I read A Fly on the Ceiling.  This is a great math fable about how Descartes came up with the Cartesian Coordinate graphing system.  I also use these mathwire activities because they provide great scaffolding for the topic:

Here are some other resources:

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2 Responses to “Coordinate graphing in Guided Math Groups”

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I love coordinate grids! For the more tactile and physically inclined students (which most of my middle school students are) – we take all of the chairs and tables and move them out of the way. I draw a coordinate grid on the floor and away we go. I have done this with crayola markers but I prefer the permanent – cause it still comes off (unless of course you have carpet – then you can use masking tape – takes a lot longer) …

Then away you go … we talk about how to get to let’s say (4,5). I have one student go to that location. This way they get an idea of “how to get there” …

Once the students get a physical idea of the grid, I give them paper and we play “battleship” in teams.
anyway just a thought.

if you’d like more information e-mail me

Thanks for a great idea!

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