Skip counting by 10’s in guided math lessons

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 When teaching students how to count by 10’s we want to make sure that they have a great deal of practice over time to build conceptual understanding, procedural fluency and problem solving skills.  

Building Conceptual Understanding: A Concrete Activity

I use the base ten blocks so that children can physically see what they are doing.

Building Conceptual Understanding: A Pictorial Activity:

Once they have had plenty of practice I then use the paper base ten blocks so they have a pictorial representation of skip counting by 10.

Procedural Fluency: Abstract Level

Next, I cut up the number grid  into puzzle pieces and the students race a sandtimer to put them back in order.


I also have the students to practice counting by 10’s by working on dot to dots.  I get these by googling the search term– skip counting by 10’s dot to dots. 


Problem Solving:

In small guided groups I tell the students stories like this and have them solve them using the number grid, an extended number line and base ten blocks:

      Susie had 8 packs of 10 pencils.  If she skip counted the packets what number would she count to?

      Mark had 20 packs of marbles.  Each pack had 10 marbles.  If he skip counted by 10’s how many would he have?


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2 Responses to “Skip counting by 10’s in guided math lessons”

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I love how this the concept is built from the concrete to the abstract. I’ve seen this in many posts on this blog. It’s really making me look at my planning for the school year in a new light. Because my school does not have a math program (which I love…most of the time 🙂 I can feel all over the place at times. Taking each concept from concrete to abstract is a good starting point. In the recesses of my mind I knew this already but your blog has hit the refresh button for me! Thank you!

I tried this sequence of the concrete to the abstract with group of struggling 3rd graders who needed to revisit what 8 tens really meant. What an improvement in just two weeks.

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