Digital Learners and Guided Math: A way to reach them

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The students we teach are called Generation Z.  Prensky has named them the “digital natives” (  Here are 3 ways to tap into your students enthusiasm digitally when teaching math.

1. – A very interesting website with math videos, podcasts, screencasts and more that teach math concepts – often made by the students.  These are great instructional aids.  They also are great examples so students can make their own videos.

2. – YOU MUST CHECK THIS OUT!  This has great instructional potential as well as group project potential.  Look under the category of math to see relevant examples….i.e.

You can make these and then show them to your class as well as post on your class blog or website.

3.  Harvey’s Homepage.  This is a great website for anybody who has a Smartboard.  Harvey is the man to know!  He can get you where you need to go!  His material is standards based, rigorous and totally engaging.

Please write me back and let me know how you like the websites and how you are using them in your classrooms.  I’d love to hear from you!  Also, be sure to send us great websites that you come across in your travels on the internet:)


Dr. Nicki

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6 Responses to “Digital Learners and Guided Math: A way to reach them”

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Harvey’s Homepage looks full of lessons which are Smartboard-ready. I have already passed this info along to the teachers and tech coordinator and they are thrilled to integrate these into their math lessons with a small group or a whole group. Just a note – the website needs Firefox to download the lessons. What a treasure!!

I am just starting to learn about Guided Math. But this summer I’ve been researching the use of iPad/iTouch apps for use in the context of math skills practice and concept development. In our local district, a grant provided every 3rd grader with an iTouch, each teacher with an iPad. I’ve been doing a Saturday series on my blog on math apps (all free, to date) that could be used for classroom practice. On my blog look under “apps” in the index. Wouldn’t this be a good fit for Guided Math?? -Cindy @

Hi Cindy,
Welcome. You bring up some interesting ideas. I am very interested in the added value that technology offers to our students. I have been thinking about this a great deal lately. It would be fascinating to do some sort of study to see how much of a difference it can make when maximized. It could definitely be a good fit for guided math if used appropriately. I am also wondering in what ways teachers use the IPad. Lately, I have been having lots of discussions with teachers about how they get the technology but not the training so they feel they aren’t using the tech to its highest potential. Any thoughts about that?

Hope to hear back from you soon,
Dr. Nicki

I’m just starting to research it. I’m gathering that access to computers is becoming more and more limited (largely due to state testing requirements using the computer lab), so teachers are forced to turn to alternate (and cheaper) technology tools. I agree that most teachers aren’t getting the training. Although I suppose that’s true of a lot of areas. Not a lot of extra training $ around. The technology piece has been on my mind a lot lately as well. Since it appears to be here to stay, I’d sure like to learn to use it with integrity.

I love the phrase you use about integrity. I think it so key to what we do…Using the technology with integrity and rigor. That is something that I am constantly wrestling with….this idea that we are using these tools in school in an academically rigorous way. The potential is so high!

Thanks for these links. I am looking forward to incorporation more technology in my classroom.

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