October math: Guided Math Activities for National Cookie Month

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October is National Cookie Month.  There are so many great interdisciplinary activities to do around this celebration.  Here are a few that focus on math.

A. Statistics

  1. Survey the Class on their favorite cookie
  2. Make all kinds of graphs with data: frequency table, tally chart, bar graph, pictograph, pie chart (see graphing post in this blog)
  3. Have a Chocolate Chip Cookie Taste Test
  4. Find range, mode, median and average number of chocolate chips in a bag of cookies

B.  Measurement

1. Make cookies in class

2. Make a timeline of the invention of the chocolate chip cookie



 C. Number Sense

  1. Estimate the average number of chips in a chocolate chip cookie/ compare brands
  2. Estimate the number of cookies in a jar

Have a Family Cookie Festival.  At one of the schools I work with in the Bronx, we usually throw a big Family Math Cookie Day.  We set up several cookie stations and the families come and do math, eat well and have fun.   One station is to make a cookie in a jar (the children measure out all the dry ingredients and then go home and add the wet stuff (eggs,milk, etc…); another station is to make spider or monster cookies with frosting and various candies; another station is to make s’mores; another station is to guess the amount of cookies in a jar; another station is to graph your favorite cookies.  We usually get about 200 to 300 people who come out and have a great time!

Happy Mathing!


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