Subitizing and Guided Math Groups: Part 2 Why it is so important!

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Subitizing provides a basis for early addition skills. Different arrangements help children to see and discuss different ways to name a number. Ten frames are another tool to use to build subitizing skills. Subitizing is a fundamental skill in the development of students’ understanding of number (Baroody, 1987).  Clements  (1999) writes that students can use subitizing to develop understanding of number, conservation and compensation.

Here are some game ideas.  There are several others listed in the links below.  When you show your students the cards you should ask “What do you See?” This is different from “How many? because it frames the question in a way that they think about different number arrangements.  More question examples

1. Quick image games where the teacher flashes dot cards and the students tell how many.

2. Give children a set of cards with equivalent names but one that doesn’t belong.  Have them select the one that doesn’t belong.

3.  Have students match the number with the dot card.

4. Have the students play matching games with cards that show equivalent names.

Great Resources for Subitizing:

There is a new video out by Marilyn Burns called Number Talks that shows a teacher using dot cards and ten frames.



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Thank you for these resources. Ten frames are becoming popular in my school. The teachers do use dominoes for addition and I can now dircet them with the pedagogy of the skill the children are using. I’ve been working with 1st graders during the past two months, and it is fascinating how 26 children use this skill in just as many ways.

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