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Here is the IES guide to RTI (federal gov) in Math.  It outlines the interventions very clearly, with a discussion about the research findings of each recommendation.  Well worth using as a study guide in PD sessions.  Everybody that works with students in  math should be aware of the information in the packet!  Here are the research based recommendations:

Recommendation 1. Screen all
students to identify those at risk for
potential mathematics difficulties and
provide interventions to students
identified as at risk.


Recommendation 2. Instructional
materials for students receiving
interventions should focus intensely
on in-depth treatment of whole
numbers in kindergarten through
grade 5 and on rational numbers in
grades 4 through 8. These materials
should be selected by committee.


Recommendation 3. Instruction during
the intervention should be explicit and
systematic. This includes providing
models of proficient problem solving,
verbalization of thought processes,
guided practice, corrective feedback,
and frequent cumulative review.


Recommendation 4. Interventions
should include instruction on solving
word problems that is based on
common underlying structures.


Recommendation 5. Intervention
materials should include opportunities
for students to work with visual
representations of mathematical
ideas and interventionists should
be proficient in the use of visual
representations of mathematical ideas.


Recommendation 6. Interventions at
all grade levels should devote about
10 minutes in each session to building
fluent retrieval of basic arithmetic facts.


Recommendation 7. Monitor the
progress of students receiving
supplemental instruction and other
students who are at risk.


Recommendation 8. Include
motivational strategies in tier 2 and
tier 3 interventions.


Happy Mathing,

Dr. Nicki

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