Best Math Posters Ever!

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Eureka!  I have found math gold!!!   This is a whole website of fabulous, standards-based, free math posters!  It gives you a jumpstart on hanging up those math posters!  Look around your room.  What is the ratio of math posters to literacy posters presently?  What message does this send to your students?  Does your room environment reflect a balanced commitment to teaching literacy and math?

Math research has always stated that students should know and use a variety of strategies based in place value. Now, the Common Core emphasizes that students should know and use strategies. You want students to be flexible with numbers. You want them to be able to talk about the relationship among numbers.  When they solve problems, ask them what strategy they used.

*They have one poster at the bottom of the page where they divide by zero.  But, we all know that that is undefined so I wouldn’t use that poster!

Happy Mathing,

Dr. Nicki


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3 Responses to “Best Math Posters Ever!”

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Love this..(these)

Thank you Dr. Nicki!

Some of these posters look great! They show wonderful strategies to help students.
I must say, however, that I am concerned about some of them. I don’t like the fact that they use “take away” to describe subtraction when there are also other scenarios for subtration. My biggest concern is the poster near the bottom that shows division by zero. Yikes! It shows that a number divided by zero is zero when in fact dividing by zero is undefined. I always thought that was the first rule of mathematics (after always using pencil, of course!).
Just a few thoughts.

Hi Nancy,
Thank you for your comments. I will have to take a look at that. I didn’t notice the division one! In terms of the “take away” I think you could put it up with the caveat that the students understand the different meanings of subtraction and that “take away” is one of these meanings. In terms of the division poster, we can’t put that up!

Thanks again,
Dr. Nicki

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