4 Must Have Workstations: Fluency

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The CCSSM has designated grade level fluencies.  You should make sure that you have a workstation for the fluency of your grade level.

k- addition and subtraction within 5

1- addition and subtraction within 10

2- addition and subtraction within 20 and 100

3 – addition and subtraction within 1000 and multiplication and division within 100

4 – addition and subtraction within 1,000,000

5- multi-digit multiplication

So, the fluency is the wrap-up of the concept at that grade.  It reflects a trajectory of learning to that level.  Although students work with various number ranges, these are their fluencies.  They should know these with ease.  They should have speed and accuracy, flexibility and efficiency within these designated levels.  Have several activities that allow students to practice their fluency level, and also include the fluencies for the levels before them.  So for example, many 2nd graders don’t have fluency – I mean a 3-second recall of facts, flexibility and efficiency within 10.  Many 3rd graders don’t have it within 20 or 100.  So be sure you provide many opportunities for students to practice everything they need to know up to the current grade level.

Be sure to look for ideas on my Pinterest addition, subtraction, multiplication and division boards.

Here are a few suggested activities that go across grade levels:

1. Have a fluency folder for every child.

2. Work with flashcards – but not just reciting fact but organizing them by strategies (do this for all facts….add/sub/mult/div (see strategy posters add/sub   mult/div)

3. Play board games and cup games (read this)

4. Play computer fluency computer games  – nctm  mathplayground  mathplay more fluency games

Happy Mathing,

Dr. Nicki

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