Must Have Workstations: The Vocabulary Math Workstation

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Math is a language!  If we want our students to speak it, we have to teach them the words.  So, have a vocabulary math workstation.  In the vocabulary math workstation you are trying to get students to own the vocabulary through games and activities  and math journal activities. Remember in the CCSSM students are evaluated on whether they are using everyday words or math words.  So, instead of number and answer…they should be saying factor, divisor, addend and quotient, sum, difference, product.  Be sure you speak math to your students, require them to speak math with you and each other and give them ample opportunities to practice the words.

Granite Math Vocabulary words are great because you can cut them up and play matching games with the words, the examples and the definitions.

Math Spelling City – There are several activities to do with the CCSS math aligned word lists! – Make crossword puzzles and word finds.  Crossword puzzles are great and academically rigorous because you are giving students the definition and asking them to tell you the word.  Also, give them word finds, not just to find the word but to find, define, use it in a sentence, and give an example.

Set up tic tac toe games where the students have to choose a word and illustrate and define it.  ( -test saavy)

Have students do interactive math journal activities with the words.

Happy Mathing,

Dr. Nicki


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