What video games can teach us about learning

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Kids will play a video game an average of 100 hours to “get good” at it.They don’t get grades, get extra credit, win money or fame and yet, they play for hours upon hours. We literally have to insist that they stop to eat or sleep or do something else.  And they rarely play a game a second time without learning  something….getting better at concepts, strategies, skills, vocabulary… They stay engaged by goal setting, because they know how well they are doing and they make a plan about how they want to get better and what they should do specifically to reach that goal.” (Adapted from Dr. Bobb Darnell -AchievementStrategies.org)

Dr. Darnell stated that ““Imagine if you played any game for an hour and when you walked out of the room, somebody asked you how you did and you had to reply ‘I don’t know.’”  And yet, this is what our students do everyday in school.

“Imagine if our students came to class and attacked their studies with the same vigor as they do video games!”  What would schooling look like?  How do we capture that video game enthusiasm for learning.

Read the whole article here!

Happy Mathing,

Dr. Nicki





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