Leveled Math Workstations!

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Leveled workstations are about getting students to work in a scaffolded manner so that they can have a firm foundation and reach grade level standards.  They are premised on the idea that you have to walk before you run.  They are premised on the idea that we teach children, not a pacing calendar.  The pacing calendar is a guide to help ensure that we expose all children to a series of ideas throughout the year.  We all know that everyone doesn’t learn at the same pace.  Some students simply aren’t ready for the current content.  That doesn’t mean that they won’t be ready or get ready but it does mean, that we need to make sure that everybody has a firm foundation in what they need to reach grade level standards.  Some students are right with the pacing calendar and others need a bit more practice before they get to those ideas.  Some students are ahead.  We need to take into account all of the students that we teach.  Leveled workstations is a way to address that issue.

A Look in 2 Classrooms
Mrs. L   Mrs. C.
Fluency Station:

Everybody is playing a make 10 game.


Numbers:  All the students are working on the same 3 counting jars.



Word Problems:

Everybody is working on 1 word problem.  Some students are flying through it an others don’t know what is happening.

  Fluency Station:

Students are working on different activities.  Mark and Claire are playing a board game where they are adding within 5.  They can use their counters to help scaffold their thinking.


Luke and Tyler are playing a make ten game card game.


Word Problems:

Tim and Annie are working on Level 5 word problems, while Mark and Kelly are working on Level 7 word problems.


Excerpt from my new book: Leveled Math Workstations in Action k-2 


Happy Mathing,

Dr. Nicki

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