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Part Part Whole Problems k/1 Videos

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I have uploaded the k/1 Part Part Whole Videos- Whole Unknown. There are three types of Part/Part Whole Problems (see Figure 6.1). The first is a problem where the whole is unknown. For example, The toy store had 4 big marbles and 5 small marbles. How many marbles do they have altogether? Another example, John had $97 in his bank account and $8 in his piggy bank. How much money does he have altogether? We know both parts and the task is to figure out the whole.

The second kind of problem is a problem where one of the parts is unknown. For example, The toy store had 100 marbles. There were 89 small marbles. The rest of the marbles were large. How many large marbles did they have? Another example, Kelly had $10. She had $5 in her piggy bank and the rest in her bank account. How much does she have in her bank account? In this type of problem, we are given the whole and one of the parts. The task is to figure out the other part.

The third type of problem is a Both Addends Unknown problem. In this type of problem both addends are not known, only the total is given. For example, Jane has 25 cents. Name all the possible coin combinations that she could have. The task is to figure out all of the possible combinations.

Kindergarten students start working with part part whole whole unknown and both addends unknown in many state standards and then by 1st they learn part part whole part unknown.  All the other grades work with these problem types, using multi-digit numbers, fractions and decimals.

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