About this Guided Math Blog

 This Blog is a space for all those using and those interested in using Guided Math in k-5 classrooms.  It will include pictures from classrooms, short instructional videos of sample lessons, lesson plans, math centers, great websites, podcasts and screencasts. Most importantly it provides a space to share resources, to talk and to collaborate with others.  Together we know much more than anyone of us can alone.  I hope you find this space, creative, user-friendly and generative so that you can teach and reach the diversity of learners in your 21st century classroom!


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16 Responses to “About this Guided Math Blog”

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I love this site! I look forward to using some of the strategies as I am moving from a kindergarten teacher to 4th grade. How do I join to follow this site?

Hi Christy,
Great to have you looking at the site. I will be doing some upcoming posts in August about multiplication, division and fractions (all 4th grade hot topics). You can join at the bottom of the page. There is a link to become a subscriber.

Dr. Nicki

I am just beginning Guided Math, so need many pointers. I’m a sponge now… 🙂

Hi Brenda,

Glad to have you! There is a great deal to soak up here! What grade to you teach?

What a wonderful site! I will be implementing Guided Math in my first grade classroom for the first time this year. Thank you for being so generous in sharing your experience!

Hi Nicole,
Thank you for joining us! I am glad you find the site helpful. Wishing you a fantastic school year and hoping you stay in touch and let us know how it is going throughout the year.

Dr. Nicki

I LOVE this blog! I just found it a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for taking the time to post usable information. In my school we are now being required to incorporate Guided Math with VERY little quality training and even less time to prepare differentiated lessons, activities or centers. I teach kindergarten. I would love to see more guided math materials geared toward primary grades. For the rest of this year we are coming up on main units like money & BASIC addition. Any guidance you can provide would be great! And again, thank you!!!!

Do you have any resources for multi-step story problems for third and fourth graders?

Great post. Math Manipulatives are a great way to help children learn.

I am thrilled I found this site. I am reading the guided math book now, this is just the tool I need to help me get started!

How wonderful! Thank you for reading!

Happy Mathing,
Dr. Nicki

Great! I hope you find lots of interesting things. Thank you for reading.

Happy Mathing,
Dr. Nicki

I am looking for a video showing Guided Math in a Kindergarten, First or Second grade classroom. Does anyone know where I can find one?

There is isn’t much out there. Inside Mathematics and Learner.org have videos of good math lessons.

Happy Mathing,
Dr. Nicki

I teach 4th grade in a rural elementary school and I am always looking for new ways to help my students achieve more. I can’t believe the resources you have here. This is my first time joining a blog and I am really excited to have found yours!

I am so glad that you find it helpful!

Happy Mathing,
Dr. Nicki

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