Decimal of the Day

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Decimal of the day is another routine that gives students an opportunity to revisit concepts throughout the year.  In a decimal of the day routine the teacher writes a decimal like .55 and then the students do a series of activities with that decimal as well as answer some questions about it. For example:

1. Write the decimal in word form

2. Write it in fraction form

3. Write 2 decimals that are great than this number (Show them all on the numberline)

4. Write 2 decimals that are less than this number (Show them all on the numberline)

5. Write the decimal in expanded form

6.  Add .9 to this decimal

7. Subtract .9 from this decimal

8. Multiply 2 by this decimal; Write a story about this equation

9. Round it to the nearest tenth and hundreth

10. Compare it with symbols to 2 other decimals


Resource 1

Resource 2

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