Printable Math Strategy and Algorithm Posters: Great to Discuss in Guided Math Groups

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Here are some great posters.  You might hang these up as reference posters in your classroom.  You might also also have them nearby when you are talking about different strategies and algorithms in your small guided math group.  These serve as scaffolds (in the form of cues) so that students can remember what they are learning.

Happy Mathing,

Dr. Nicki

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Great Basic Facts Number and Strategy Club!

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This is a great website based on the Oregon Teachers of Mathematics guided activities.  They have created a series of activities to scaffold learning.  As the students complete the activities, they move through membership levels in the “number club” and then the “strategy club”.  This is just great basic practice and a motivating structure.  The clubs are listed in the left sidebar.  Check out all the information on this site!

This is how they frame it:

“Number Club provides a framework for methodically working through the patterns that make up our base-ten number system. Strategy Club builds on understanding those patterns and using them to solve progressively more challenging addition and subtraction problems. This program is a tool to differentiate instruction within the frame-work of a whole group lesson….and best of all; it’s a hit with children!”

Number and Math Clubs



Be sure to look at the class summaries and the certificates.

Happy Mathing,

Dr. Nicki


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Conceptual Understanding, Stategic Competence and Multiplication: Guided Math Group Work

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Strategic Competence is extremely important to build in our students.  When students have strategic competence they are flexible with numbers and can think about a variety of efficient solutions. Strategic competence requires conceptual understanding.  Students have to know what they are doing, in order to think about it in a variety of  efficient ways.

When I say efficient, I am referring to the fact that some strategies are slow and others are fast.  So for example, let’s take 12 x 14.  One strategy is to draw 12 groups of 14 and count them up.  This is a strategy but it isn’t very efficient.  There are much more efficient ways to solve this problem.  One way is to multiply 10 by 14 and then add 2 by 14.  This would be much more efficient than the previous method.  Another way would be to multiply 12 by 12 and then add 12 x 2.  The point is that when students can think of multiple ways to approach a problem they are exhibiting strategic competence.  Below I have listed some examples of ways to think about teaching double digit multiplication, so that students build conceptual understanding and strategic competence.

Double Digit Multiplication

Base Ten

Partial Products

Lattice Multiplication

Explanation of Lattice Multiplication

Cross Hatch Multiplication

Box Multiplication

Other Resources:

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