25 Things to do with the Hundreds Grid in a Guided Math Group or Math Center

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25 Things to do with the Hundreds Board

The hundreds board is a great tool for teaching a variety of math concepts.  Some boards start with 0 and others start with 1.  Every student should have their own number grid.  Remember in terms of differentiation, everybody is not necessarily on the same page.  For example, some students might be working on a number board that goes up to 20 while another could be working on a number grid that goes up to 200.  Number grids are great for teaching a variety of concepts including addition and subtraction strategies, reading number words and ordering numbers.  See the list below for some ideas.

1. Adding +1

2. Subtracting -1

3. Adding + 10 (http://www.ictgames.com/100huntplus10.html)

4. Subtracting +10

5. Teaching compensation with +8 facts

6. Teach compensation with  + 9 facts

7. Reading Number Words. Students pull a number card and mark that number word on the grid.First person to get 4 in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally wins.  Each player uses their own mat.


8. Number Hunt. Teacher calls out a numeral and the students find it.  This is a great way to reinforce vocabulary because the teacher can call out numerals such as 10 less than 25 or 1 more than 64 etc.  Also, the teacher can call out the numeral in terms of place value.  For example, find the number that has 2 tens and 7 ones.

9. Number Grid Puzzles


10. Fill in the Missing Numbers –

Take a number grid and white out some of the numbers.  Do this according to readiness levels- so some students have 5 numbers whited out while others have 25 missing.  Then put this grid in a sheet protector and have the students fill in the missing numbers.










http://www.kidzone.ws/math/ocean/t_m ath.asp?gr1-series100.html http://www.teachingideas.co.uk/maths/files/hundredsquarewords.pdf

11. Pull a Number and Round it to the Nearest 10. Use the Number grid to check your answer.

12. Talkin’ bout Numbers! Look at the number grid and discuss the numbers we use in daily life.

13. Skip Counting – Color in the Skip Counting Sequence or fill in missing number patterns.




14. Build a Grid

15. Find complements of 100

16. 100 Chart Picture Designs


17. Everyday each student fills  in the number of the day of school on a blank grid and discuss how many more days until the 100th day.

18. Numbergrid races. Students race against themselves or others to put the hundred board back together.  This can be cut up into various degrees of difficulty.  For example, some puzzles can be cut into horizontal strips, others into vertical strips, others into squares or rectangles and still others into varying odd shapes.

19. Race to 100

20. Race from 100

21. Highlight odd and even numbers

22. Hundreds grid Number Stories

23. Mystery Numbers

24. Multiple patterns

25. Money – The hundred board is great for teaching money.  Start by having students landmark the nickels, dimes and quarters and then give them problems where they have to use these landmarks to add money.

Web Resources:

Be sure to check out this website for 25 other things to do the number grid: http://letsplaymath.net/2008/09/22/things-to-do-hundred-chart/












Print Resources & Games




http://nzmaths.co.nz/resource/hundreds-board (click on the bottom of the page attachments in this site to get the activities after you read the page)



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10 Responses to “25 Things to do with the Hundreds Grid in a Guided Math Group or Math Center”

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A wealth of resources for any teacher who needs an idea for small groups. Even elementary teachers who are hesitant to try new math activities will have their pick of how to use the 100 chart. The teachers at my school enjoy using this tool because it supports the development of number sense on different instructional levels for the students. Can’t wait to pass on the many ways they can use this visual/manipulative. Could the 5th graders use this as the “one” chart with the numbers starting at 0.01? Would this be as effective?
Once again – lots of great ideas. Thanks

Math-Aids.Com is a free resource for teachers and parents. You can make an unlimited number of printable math worksheets for children, the classroom or homework practice. The answer key is included with each math worksheet as it is created. The worksheets are randomly generated so when you request one it will be different every time. Each math topic has several different types of math problems so you may choose which area to focus on in that subject.

I have built a special section just for Place Value Math Topics. There are several topics currently in this section, like Place Value Charts, Hundreds Tables, Base 10 Blocks, and many more.

I will be glad to add any topic that you may need.

Here is the link:

Place Value Worksheets

Please consider adding a link on your site for you and your readers.

Thank you very much.

Hi Mike!
This looks like a great resource. Thank you for sharing. I will definitely add it as a link.


I really like your suggestions and I thought that the hundreds chart on my site could be useful for many of them. It allows you to show or hide any of the numbers by clicking in the boxes. You can also enter a start number and use any interval. It can be found here:

Hi David,
This is a great chart! I really like the way you can build the chart you need. I am going to put it as a link on the post and add it to the centers space in the link section.

Dr. Nicki

Thanks. I pleased you like the chart. I have just put together another version. Same as the first one except you can set the number of rows and control the number of numbers. Here it is:

I love these ideas. I plan to use some in a center.

good post..great share, great article..love to read it

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